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Intimately Created


Air Date: 3/8/21 - Do you see God as distant?  Someone who spoke life into souls, then left them on their own to make do?  Today Pastor Nat shines the light on a very different perspective – the God who intimately knows and creates each of us.  Discover how God treasures you, His masterpiece!    


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Think you pastor Nat you explain it so well
God bless u
Great observation! Well said!
Amen. Thank you.
Amen Pastor Nat Adam was the first man from Heaven, Jesus was the second man "sinless" who came back to to give us live back Refreshed, Restored, Renewed, Made New through only Jesus Christ Our Savior,Healer, Redeemer. God is, God Will always be. Through the Mercy's and Grace of Jesus we are made New each new day through the cleansing of all sin when we repent. Jesus overcame this world but was not of this world. Heavenly Father You were You are You will always be alive within we Your children as You are Faithful in every way, Promise keeper of all things. As long as I breath the air of You, I will Rise for You and upon my lips I will Praise and Glorify Your Holly Blessed name. No other shall be for You are The first, last and in-between. How Great and Mighty Thy are Lord. Please Father Bless all in need remind us our every need is You OH Lord. Teach us Father to build that humble, open honest intimate relationship with You, to become more like You Jesus and less like us, cleanse our hearts and body of all that is not You! Teach us to see each other as You see us and Love as You Love us. In Jesus name Amen And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses.” Colossians 2:13 (KJV)
Thank you, Pastor Nat. I never thought of the difference in God speaking and God coming down from Heaven to form man. It reminds me of another time when God, as Jesus, came down from Heaven to redeem man. To God be the glory!!! We can never thank Him enough!!!
Thank you God for making human being special and thank you pastor Nat
Thank you God, you have made me for purpose, glory, praise and honor you.
Thanking God For His Love and Mercy!!
Amen. Thank you God. Thank you for giving us your son Jesus Christ.
Thanks pastor and of course for there to be a bang there must be a banger. Don't know why folks find it so hard to believe that there is a God, a creator that we can't understand, after all he is GOD, not your buddy. He IS ALMIGHTY.
Praise God for another Win the Day message that is so needed. As sinners, we feel so unworthy and failures in living our lives. Knowing God created us and His dieing love for us, we will praise Him evey day.
Yes, it is amazing how God created everything. He created mankind and all living things. Day and night. The seasons. The mountains and the valleys and the whole universe.
God has blessed us tremendously-- fearfully and wonderfully made, saved by grace, cared for daily, and loved with an everlasting love. Wow!
I've spoken on the topic of the Big Bang. Here is a short answer: I'm fine talking with people about a big bang, because in order to have a big bang, you must have a big banger! This leads to a natural conversation about God!
Dear lord i thank for creation us to your perfection, lord i am at time not wordy to be your child.Thank you for saving us from our sins in jesus name .Amen
I'm with you Carolyn. I let my mind imagine everything pastor Nat was saying and the word that came out of my mouth was "AMAZNG!" . I have never allowed myself to truly understand God's creation of mankind therefore not understanding how intimate that moment was.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Wow!!! I have never heard that story so intimately...... you have such a way with words Pastor Nat. I never made the connection that all of the rest of creation was done by God, in Heaven... BUT with Adam,. he came down and molded him with his own hands and Breathed into him....... Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I can say. Thank You Jesus!! I love you!!!! 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Darwin's theory of evolution is man's reasoning of creationism and how we got here. What about the big Bang theory.
AMEN. This world is a mess. Thanks FATHER IN HEAVEN for sending your son JESUS CHRIST down to clean this mess up because of your unconditional love for your children. Why adam&eve?.. I , LOVE YOU LORD in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.