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Information or Transformation?

Air Date: 4/21/22 - What’s the purpose of engaging the Bible? Is it for knowledge or something more? Join Pastor Nat for the answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
Lord Jesus, teach me the discipline to be a dedicated reader of Your Word. Lord, I love to hear from You; help me to seek Your truth through the pages of the Holy Bible. And grant me Your grace to understand what You are saying to me.
2 months ago
When it come to the Bible most Christian’s only read part of the Bible and that because in 1612 some Protestant Priest made a ruling to remove books known as the Apocrypha from the Bible. They took upon themself to say that the people who wrote these books was not inspired by God. But I say who was they to decide what was and what wasn’t inspired by God. This mean their all a lot of history between the Old and the New Testament that have been deleted from the Bible. These are not lost books that some may want you to believe they were just removed. If you go a look at the Catholic Bible you will find these very books but unless you find all four books of Maccabees you still have an incomplete Bible because most Bible only have the first two Books of the Maccabees people. Still most Christian’s only like to teach the New Testament when it come to Revelation but if you go to the Old Testaments you will also find that the story in Revelation was first told in the Book of Daniel when it come to the time of the End. Also when it comes to the End time and this is where ever religion carry a small piece of the end time puzzle and that when it come to GOG and MAGOG. Most people take out of Revelation that Satan and the Devil will be defeated once and for all but the fact is Good cannot exist without evil and evil can cannot exist without good, this is why Satan and the Devil is casted into the Bottomless pit where the entity is imprisoned for a Thousand Years. A thousand years not how man measure time but a Thousand years as it is measured by God time. Therefore the end time by the scripture itself states that this is a repeating cycle the thing is we have no idea how many time this cycle have already been repeated because we know that the Earth have existed for more than a thousand thousand years. Therefore ask yourself why would man choose to remove information from the Bible, could it be the same reason that before 1539 you wasn’t even able to read the text of the Bible or even own one for that matter. There is God law and there is man law and at time Man doesn’t want you to know everything that God wanted you to know. Just as the government today only want you to know what they tell you that you should know.
2 months ago
2 months ago
"Lord Jesus, help me apply Your Word to my life everyday as I read it. Bless not only me with Your understanding, but my brothers and sisters in Christ as well. Amen."
2 months ago
Thank you for this important truth.
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