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Identifying the Antichrist

Air Date: 10/9/21 - What is the number of the beast? What will happen to him? Join Pastor Nat as he pursues these much-desired answers. Who is the Antichrist?

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
thank you
9 months ago
Thank you for this message.
9 months ago
Lord Jesus, You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and You will defeat every foe who comes against You in battle. Gather me to Your side before the war begins and shelter me during its passage. You are my strength and my victory.
9 months ago
Thank you for the Word of God And blessed me…
9 months ago
Since 1900 ever United States President has Governed by unifying the country but one who not only divided the country but could rest until an uprising Occurred to try to keep him in office, still today God faithful servant treat this president as if he was the second coming, what makes it even worse is this President even stated that he has done more for christianity than Jesus Christ and people still worship him even knowing that Christ gave his life to free you from sin and the only thing his president have done is offer you your heart desires while he deny others of theirs. We have been a country where the laws of the Federal Constitution which trumps all state laws run secondary to the laws written by the states and people personal opinion. We have also became a country where proven true no longer have meaning all because the lie fit within their own wants and desires. We are all going to be damned by the few who sees money as the rule and who sees power as justices without a care in reality that both money rule and power justices can override all the good deeds that you have spent a lifetime creating for yourself because the sin of the chaos and corruption that being supposed by so many. We can continue to turn our back to the truth or we can come to the Occie should table to find a common ground that will lead to not only peace within this country but also lead to peace within one soul by not just reading these words but actually living these words: “Do Unto Others As You Have Them Do Unto You.” Until we choose these words and Go there will be no peace.
2 replies
9 months ago
Well thought out words. You are correct. The constitution is our ultimate governing body. This is how we should be thinking about Romans 13.
9 months ago
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