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I Don’t Want To


Air Date: 4/20/21 - If “busy” is the continual status for your life, then today’s episode may come as a surprise.  Pastor Nat shares the importance of REST.  See it exemplified in the life of Jesus and learn what it means to be still and rest in God.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Karen - thank you for sharing this! We are so glad that Back to the Bible is part of your routine!
You have to make time, for God and Jesus the rewsrd is you will glad you did.
Thank you Pastor Nat for this message. I try and rest a little bit each day with God.
It is so very important that each new day we must be still and rest alone with Jesus. We must being each day Thanking Jesus for each morning Resting be Refreshed Restored Renewed in Jesus all the night through. Begin the day and in the day with Jesus. We are called to "rest" without that rest we then live of the world and not of God! 2 Chronicles 30:9“For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if ye return unto him.”    “Repentance means turning the heart and the will to God. It denotes a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world. It is a cleansing process. It is the way back. There is someone who does care and will help.” Father each new day I begin with You at times I confess after being with You I must stay in You. Father as You did we must do take that time away to ready in You. Not just a night but through each new day Blessed from You. Father if we do not not draw neaier to You it tells us we are not Resting as You tells us to. Please Father keep our eyes open to You. I Love You Lord in Jesus name Amen
Karen your rituals seem very similar to mine with connecting with God. I too feel "out of whack" if I don't get my morning devotionals and prayers in. When I sleep in... rather than get frazzled, which I do, I try to turn it around and say (Carolyn, Jesus knew you needed the extra sleep today.. it's okay). Then it sort of helps me refocus on the day! God Bless you for taking care of your parents!! Such a beautiful thing that I bet you don't get enough acknowledgement for. (Not that is why you do it).. but your love for them is beautiful and I'm sure God is smiling down at you every day with pride and love!!! 💕😇💕😇💕
You've got this girl!!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
Awww I love that comment Maureen!!!! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!! 😇💕😇💕😇💕
Thank you Pastor Nat for this message. I will rest in the Lord taking time to read His Word
As a single retired person who lives alone I have a lot of opportunities for rest and I take advantage of them. Altho I am a very busy person taking care of my elderly parents daily. But resting and taking time to pray and do devotions is how I definitely start each day. If something comes up to prevent me from my time with God I feel so empty all day. I can't start my day without Him. I have 3 or 4 devotions etc that I do on line everyday. I really enjoy the short videos Nat does daily. I think it's my favorite morning ritual! Thanks to BTTB fir providing such wonderful ways to worship.
I sometimes ignore the need for rest but know it's essential. No more! I will rest and commune with God.
It may be the best place to rest!
Thanks, Carlos! Great encouragement. Yes, we all can struggle with reading the Bible and having a routine of daily spiritual disciplines. This is why GT exists!
I'm a middle person. I don't like early mornings. I don't like staying up late! I not only need to rest, but I need to slow down with Christ. I at times operate my faith like I navigate an airport trying to make a connection. I walk fast. I zig and zag. I look back to make sure my wife is still with me. That's how I can be with Jesus. I run and hope he's sticking with me. I need to slow down so I'm in step with Christ.
Resting in Jesus is the best place! I’m going to dig out my mother’s old aprons, Amen
I thank you Pastor Nat and I thank the creators of Go Tandem because through your ministry I've been given this wonderful tool to focus on God and rest. For someone who delights in reading God's Word but who lacks discipline, your ministry gives me the tool to learn to discipline myself in resting to read and learn God's Word and spend time with Him.
Finding time alone with God
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Amen 🙏🏽
Amen, prayer is a blessing to our mind,soul and body,without the lord we are nothing, so go forth brothers and sisters and make time to meditate and pray.
Cynthia I totally agree with you. Starting your day focusing on Jesus really does make a difference m! God Bless You and have a Peaceful Day filled with Jesus's love for you!! 💕😇💕
What you said here is absolutely true. I must confess, I think I have it somewhat easier than other people when it comes to taking time to spend with God, and that is ONLY because I am a morning person. Like now it's 5:30 AM and I got up a little after 5 (on my own) and the first thing I do is pray. My prayers are groggy... and they feel more like me just "chatting with Jesus"... I've been really working on JUST BEING WITH HIM. Being still and letting him teach me things.... I haven't really figured out how to do that yet.... whenever I try, my mind starts to wonder... so I tend to give up. Then I decide to read devotionals and not only do they help my mind focus, I really do feel a difference in starting out my day just praying/chatting with Jesus and reading devotionals which help me to try to have a " theme for the day". I do know this helps because there are days when I sleep until I have at most 15 minutes before I have to get up.. and I'll admit, I feel very frazzled on those days. I try to encorporate Jesus throughout my day...but at times I really struggle. Like when I'm at work in an office I find myself rushing to get the stuff I need to do with the equipment there, before I have my, remote work from home days, that started during the pandemic. I find myself so exhausted towards the end of my work day...that I forget what would probably help me is to take deep breaths and just be with Jesus... I try, but I find it so hard to relax and focus. Jesus please help me to continue to focus on you throughout my my day. Help me to be alone with you and just experience your love for me. Calm my mind so I can hear you. I humbly make this prayer through you Jesus Christ. AMEN 🙏😇💕😇🙏
I need yhis time of quite ti.me with Jesus and talk to him how I feel, that is a difference it makes