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How to Read the Bible


Air Date: 1/7/22 - Reading the Bible is intimidating. It’s often confusing. But does it have to be? Join Pastor Nat as he looks to make it simple.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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10 days ago
There are so many regimens these days, that it is difficult to keep up. I try to
check the box, but I don't always succeed. How do I overcome this, and what should I do?
10 days ago
Inspirations is an excellent resource for reading the bible, and you must believe and meditate on his words and upon reading you will reap everlasting growth spiritually in your life with Christ. Amen.
13 days ago
Our Father and our God, You wrote one book, and all that You have told us through those pages is for our benefit. Help me to read with belief and certainty that the contents are Your thoughts and would remain faultless now, and till the end of time.
13 days ago
When reading the Bible you may find as I did bread crumbs that may lead to your very own life as I accidentally found that may lead to who I am. God moves in mysterious ways leaving us with unanswered questions to each and everyone of us. The Bible known as the book of life could be just that the book of your personal family life.
13 days ago
Let us all remember when we read The Holly Bible we are as well to study what we read.
When reading we find the Joy encouragement we need to draw nearer to Jesus Christ.

The Lord is The Joy of our strength, we can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives and is our strength. We must not be hard on ourselves, God does not want that. Instead together we are stronger uplifting one another in Jesus Christ.

Having a Dad who is a man of God traveled this world 50 years spreading The Good News; helps me to remember why he did. Dad always taught me it is okay not to be okay, because Christ lives within us. He already knows everything about because He knows our name. Why because we are all made in The image of God. As a child my Dad taught me with each new day to start the only way with Jesus.

When our Father opens my eyes/ours each new day, I say Good Morning Heavenly Father, I Still Believe My Heart Trust in You, Great is Your Faithfulness Promises Mercy's and Grace. Just remember we are not to be perfect never were we meant to be. Yet always remember if you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, never are we without Him! God's Word is His True Love Story to each of us. Simply make time daily to open your Bible, just open it. From that point read a verse or a few let them stay in your heart. Then throughout the day just as we can here we continue to transform together by sharing our storms. All the trials to remind us that again God will never leave nor forsake us but will in one way or another. When we start to drift away He will remind us we belong to Him.

Remember we must see, believe, Love as Jesus does all of us. It is not always easy but we have the most Valuable Book to remind us who to turn to. Again we are stronger together than by ourselves.

May we all realize that nothing can separate us from The Love of God.

Have A Blessed Weekend everyone.
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