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How to Pray


Air Date: 1/13/22 - There are plenty of how-tos to give you life-hacks for almost everything. But what about prayer?  It turns out that Jesus gave some pretty specific instructions for this all-important part of life. Jacob Wirka explains the basics in today’s episode.


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a day ago
I could never get this right. My prayer life has been sporadic at best; Non-existent at worse. How do I overcome this weakness?
6 days ago ( updated 6 days ago )
Lord thank you for prayers,teach me how to listen to you lord,please open my hart and mind to focused on my prayers,and the meditation from my hart. Amen.
7 days ago
Lord Jesus, I enjoy my quiet time spent on Your presence. Teach me how to better communicate with You and by Your Spirit, how to do so more meaningfully. Let me not relate to You in a vain show; let me not be hypocritical and engage in a superficial and counterfeit relationship in which You are not worshiped and I am unfulfilled.
7 days ago
Thank you Jacob for this message on prayer. Good job.
7 days ago
Amen 🙏🏻
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