How to Love Unconditionally - Win the Day


How to Love Unconditionally


Air Date: 2/22/21 - Today Pastor Nat focuses in on what it means to love your spouse and others well by sharing the love Christ gave to you.  Learn to unleash the flow of unconditional love and let it cover everyone in your life!   


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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a year ago
Thank you. I love what you shared with us.
a year ago
Thanks for the message.
a year ago
We should love one another like Christ the church.
a year ago
I love this message thank you.
a year ago
This verse tells us that "Love" were are to do all thing with The Love of Jesus Christ through his Mercy's and Grace made New each morning. We are to Love Christ first then Love others in the way Christ Loves we His Children. It is in fact our responsibility to inmate Christ in every. Is easy no but it is a must look at how many times God uses the word"Love". Simply because again we are to do all we do with The Love of Jesus Christ.
This means in our families, neighbors anyone we meet for we want them to see The Light of Jesus shinning bright within us. No marriage or relationship is perfect even our relationship with Christ. However it is His Love that remains within us His Word that tells; stop take breath I am with You. Now do as I would do not of your will but My Will.

Heavenly Father in You I have all I need. I Thank You for the knowing I/we are not ever to be perfect but to always turn to You in all things. To lead with Love in all we do which starts and Finished with You.
Father there are times we feed of the world and not You, Please Lord cleanse our hearts and life in You from that which is not of You. For I surrender my all to You Let God always in Jesus name Amen
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