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How to Avoid the Sin Prank

Air Date: 2/9/21 - Do you have some old sins and habits that continue to take you down?  Today Pastor Nat challenges you to identify those problem areas and ask God to keep you from falling for them.  Learn to recognize and avoid the “sin prank”!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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You are right. We all sin. We all struggle. The difference we have the supernatural ability to say "no" to it. I pray we lean into the Spirit's power to do so!
Thank you, thank you for this word, for helping me to grow spiritually daily. It is a blessing.
God knows how much I can takee by being tempted. is righteous God to make away out that I may be overwhelmed.
Pastor Nat great message today, however if I may it is not only the non believes that do what said by your friend. As well so do believers, thus is what is called sin! They may not admit to be yes we do. Which there in goes to today's message about turning from sin not just passed but in the moment. It is because we are human we sin for the "need" knowing later oh man this was not of The Lord. It is because The Lord is "Faithful" we can get through that sin knowing His Love outweighs that sin. Now no it does not mean we continue to sin but turn back to living within and through Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father I am so Thankful for Your Faithfulness Promises in knowing I will fall short of the Glory of God. That when I do Lord You are there with me in that sin to remind You will get me through it and remind me to repent and turn back to You Father. To say I am not a sinner in itself is a sin. No matter how Faithful we are we will never be as Faithful as You are Lord. I do Pray Father You will continue to cleanse me lead me to not turn back to that say sin again and again. But to always turn back to You knowing in my heat I will be forgiven and again reminded to not turn back to that sin again. Lord Your Mercy's and Grace are made New each morning. As Your children we must confess unto You all things allowing that Mercy and Grace to make us stronger through You. To always let go and Let God always. In Jesus name Amen “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8 (KJV)
Great message thank you!
Always love listening to Gods Word !
Love this!
Perfect timing to decide to drop all addictions after watching this vid....PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!
Amen. Don't let sin creep up on u. Stay vigilant.
So true. Sin sounds good, but it always comes with a cost. And the cost is never worth it. When will we believe it?
Amen Please draw us closer as we resist temptation thru your strength given us,
Father, help us exercise wisdom regarding our lives so we don't fall victim to the sin prank. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen!
Think you Just what I need to hear today Lord help me As I begin today
I think we all have done this in some way or another. But the bike usually means, emptiness and guilt.
Thank you for such an important message we need
Thank you God for reminding me how great it feels to put you first each day. I feel lost if I don't do that. Amen
Thanks for this insightful post Pastor Nat. Will need to do some introspection and reevaluate my life🙏🏽