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How Do I Overcome Laziness?


Air Date: 4/12/22 - Are you still stuck in spiritual adolescence?  Is it time to grow up in your salvation?  Pastor Nick Orduna challenges and encourages you to grow in the daily disciplines of the Christian life so you can be spiritually fit!


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2 months ago
Heavenly Father, You know that sometimes I prefer to remain asleep, when I should be up and doing. You gave us the best example of the way our day should be spent in the life of Your Son Jesus. Help me to look toward Him and to follow His lead.
3 months ago
3 months ago
Thank you for this message.
3 months ago
"Lord Jesus, help me to grow in Your Word and continue with my spiritual disciplines everyday. Help me to preach the Good News and show the Love of Christ to others. Amen."
3 months ago
Brother loved the message, that being said let us remember, Jesus is not your He is Our Savior. Maybe that may be kind to point out but I do uplifting not to tear down!

Jesus is Our Savior which is what we tell all other brothers and sisters and those we tell of about Our Savior.

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