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How Can I Forgive Others?


Air Date: 4/14/22 - No, it’s not easy to forgive others.  So where does that take you in your faith life?  Pastor Nick Orduna explains the relationship of God’s grace to you, and your grace to others.  Discover the beauty of forgiveness, even when it’s hard to do!


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2 months ago
Lord Jesus, You asked Your heavenly Father to forgive those who put You to death. Thank You for such a wonderful example, that I may do likewise, when I think I am not being treated fairly. Help me to first seek to forgive others, knowing that I am no better than the other person.
3 months ago
Dear lord thank you for forgiveness, thank you for forgiveness of my sins, teach me how to forgive my sister who has done me wrongfully.Amen.
3 months ago
Give me a forgiving heart Lord As you gave forgiven me. Amen
3 months ago
Thank you for the message today.
3 months ago
God has used this verse (Eph. 4:32) the teach me to forgive. I recommend memorizing it and then repeating it whenever you know you need to forgive someone. Concentrate on those last words, “as God in Christ has forgiven you”, and it will change your heart and mind! I can testify to that!
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