Honor Your Commitments Even When It’s Inconvenient, Part 1 - Win the Day

Honor Your Commitments Even When It’s Inconvenient, Part 1 

Air Date: 7/1/20 - Keeping a promise when everything is smooth sailing is one thing.  But what happens when everything goes haywire and honoring a commitment becomes inconvenient?  That’s the question Pastor Nat Crawford poses in today’s opening study from his new series, “Character Versus Compromise.”  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join him for discussion. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I totally agree. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Pretty simple, however, emergencies and unexpected things happen and if that happens and which is understandable, pick up the phone and notify the person that you cannot uphold your end of the commitment. I cannot stand for someone to make a commitment and leave you hanging when you were depending on them and they do not have the decency to notify me. Absolutely un-exceptable! Look at the marriage commitments today. They seem to be meaningless now days. Thank you for this valuable teaching on INTEGRITY! GOD BLESS YOU!
Thanks for your comments. We are always looking for relevant and current examples to consider. Your point is well taken. Thanks for the suggestion!
Dear Pastor Nat, I've been listening to BTTB since the days of Warren Wiersbe and it has been very inspiring and enlightening, for which I am thankful. So, as an FYI, I'm writing to suggest that your comments today regarding Judge Cavenaugh and his family being "drugged' through the mud" could become distracting, and potentially divisive, especially during this highly charged political season where opinions vary widely. No, I do not bear a liberal nor a conservative "lable". But, it seems that the other side of this story may have been discounted, regardless of how long ago it occurred. Perhaps, the use of more biblically relatable lessons would better support your current series on "character". IJS!
For me, 5 years ago, I was graduating from Seminary in L.A. I promised to get the family to Disneyland, which was a huge sacrifice for us. To make it even tougher, I was transitioning from a career in leadership development to pastoring. There was a lot of faith in God to provide before, during, and after. We had a great time...even on a tight budget. :)
Good morning! What's a commitment you have made and by God's grace able to fulfill?
Thank you for the insight, that I am under the Grace of God and mercy from God, as a Christ follower it make sense do the right thing.