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Help or Hurt?


Air Date: 3/18/22 - Should Christians be judgmental? If so, what should that look like? Join Pastor Nat for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
I think that I would be on the receiving end of such criticism on my walk with God. I need help with this!
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, You shall return one day to judge this world and separate good from evil. You alone are worthy to be the Judge of the universe, so help me to desist from being judgmental and critical in spirit. Let my words be seasoned with grace so that I can lift up and not than cut down.
4 months ago
Amen and amen thank you our pastor nat
4 months ago
I am in love with a man I hurt with my words and actions we are both widowers and think we are both afraid to be together pray that God heal me and him amen
1 reply
4 months ago
Sharron that is why God tells us we must forgive one another let go give it all to God. Then forgiveness and forgetting are given.
When we hold on to the past it only hurts us not the others. Let go confess to Jesus Christ and then each other. Let The Lord decide what will happen after that
Remember He has already laid out a plan for each of our lives He gave us back through Him. May God help you to forgive yourself and then forgive each other in Jesus name Amen
4 months ago
May I use my words to heal and bring persons closer to Jesus. Help me Lord. Amen.
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