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He is In Control

Air Date: 12/18/20 - It’s not by chance that Jesus was born to a virgin, born in a specific village, and that he and his family would have to flee to Egypt. These events were all prophesied by God as promises to His children.  Today, Pastor Nat encourages you to examine God’s track record of prophecy and promise to discover how it impacts your life!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I receive this.
Thank You Jesus, for Your Holy Word it feeds, strengthen, enlighten and encourage! And gives us Power to live for you in this fallen world!!!
It's truly amazing to consider how powerful and mighty God is. I'm awestruck.
Great message. I love it that you reminded us that we can ask God to help us to believe when we are having a hard time.
Just think WAY back in the council of the Godhead, Elohim. They knew the end from the beginning and that Satan would rebel Adam would fall and Christ would come in to be the Redeemer for those who would choose to believe. Merry Christmas everyone.
That you Father for the Greatest gift of all!
Thank you God for sending our son to save us.
I am thankful forJesus Chridyto born and die fir my sins.