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Have Mercy!


Air Date: 2/23/22 - What does God want us to do with His mercy and grace? If we are to share it, who should we share it with? Join Pastor Nat for the answers.


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2 months ago
4 months ago
Father, help to show mercy to those who persecute me, lord give me thy strength to pervail God's love and mercy as he did for me during this tim. Amen.
4 months ago
Dear Lord,
I come before your throne of grace asking for help. I have a problem with wanting revenge against those who violated me in my past. I also have this belief that I'm under the law of bondage not under the law of freedom. Help become someone who is under the law of freedom, and help me become someone Jesus would know. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen!
4 months ago
Mercy is like a healing balm to hurting lives.
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, You have removed me for being a victim in bondage to sin, and have lifted me out of the pit. Thank You for the blood which was shed for my sins, and which washed me, and cleansed me, from all my unrighteousness.
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