Good Steak, Great Life

Air Date: 11/11/20 - A charcoal steak, or a ribeye?  Why settle for good when you can have great?  Why go back to slavery when God has made you free?  These are the questions Pastor Nat brings to the table in today’s message from Galatians.  Don’t settle for less than God’s best!   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford 


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We are free count on Christ die on the cross, and his resurection.
Thank You Father for the Freedom we have in You!!!
Lord, I love You! Thank You for giving me the greatest gift of all, my freedom in You. Help/empower me not to settle for anything less.
Thank You Lord for being here with us always and that you for given our Sins.
Dear Lord, you constantly remind us that we do not have to wear those shackles, but still, we do. Give us an obedient heart to follow you and be free. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
Great analogy.....the temptation to take the easier path is always there...obedience requires commitment.