God’s Gift of the Spirit

Air Date: 1/7/21 - God’s gift of the Holy Spirit is a powerful addition to your life both now and in the future. Pastor Nat shares the encouraging attributes of living a spirit-filled life powered by peace and perseverance.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I am soo happy that nothing can separate me from my God!!!!! I am saved by the blood of Jesus!!! Hallelujah, Amen.
Thank you pastor Nat for explaining that so well
For Bill, I was under the impression this online teaching was for those interested in spiritual growth not in airing your grievances for our president. Donald Trump was not perfect but he supported churches and the right to worship, I doubt the incoming pres. will be interested in maintaining our rights to worship God as we please. I worship the Lord God ,not political figures. . Jeannine
Remember that Jesus tells we His children very clearly, no one will come to The Father accept through Me. Once accepting Jesus into our Hearts we are His, His Holly Spirit lives within each of us His children. Father as You tell us I Believe your every word even in the storms I know You Lord are leading me through safely. I Praise You Jesus for life in You alone, for being The Holly Spirit that lives inside of me. Praise God in Jesus Mighty name Amen
Thank you! God bless!
Thank you Pastor Nat, for the passage.
Yes, your message is encouraging. I appreciate the Bible references on the topic of the Holy Spirit and on sharing the good news with others.
Yes, the peace is what confirms. I also pray that peace is restored and that Mr. Trump is restored out of the White House to the Big House. That guy has the spirit of anti christ just look at his fruit. I say he's a type of anti christ promises things coming in but sows nothing but division thru lies. God sent them a strong delusion (Them: Evangelical church) if possible even the elect (Some Church members) 2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, (Conspiracy theories anybody?) Math 24:24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. (This has not happened yet) (Shadows & types has) Guy's look how easy ppl are still falling for this wise guy now imagine how much more so when the actual Anti Christ comes unto the scene? Paul's talking about the tribulation period here but there's shadows and types which is how we believers can discern the time that we're in right now. By moving the Capital from Telavi to Jerusalem now Anti Christ can go stand in it & declare himself to be God. We're that much closer. My bad he stands in the rebuilt temple and defiles it. Sorta like Trump defiling the White House.
Thank God for the Spirit Filled Life!!
We all struggle in our walk. We are in a battle with the flesh daily. Thankfully God will complete the work He began!
Thank you God
Thanks very helpful Amen
Thank Jesus for His Spirit who never leaves us. Our lives would have been a continuum of sinful debacles thus glorifying the devil . We belong to him who purchased us. Amen.
Thank you pastor. I sometimes feel as though my growth is so slow and I start to wonder, have doubts. This was very encouraging!!
Thank for this Pastor Nat. A good reminder of what I possess. Lord Jesus help spread the good news. Amen