God's Crime Scene: An Interview with J. Warner Wallace Part 2 - Win the Day


Cold Case Christianity: An Interview with J. Warner Wallace Part 2 


Air Date: 10/16/20 - Pastor Nat continues part 2 of his interview with homicide detective and Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace. Today they talk about how Wallace’s investigative techniques have helped him reveal the certainty about the objective truth, morality, and the origin of life. 


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8 months ago
Thank you Nate to share this insight, so that I know how to glorify your name God.
8 months ago
I was strengthened by the perspective of pain , suffering and evil...in light of eternity. As believers, everything should be what glorifys God. Even deep emotional or physical pain, is only for a brief time...and yet, though forgotten in eternity, produces eternal joy and praise to God.....great interview Nat!