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God is the Eternal Creator


Air Date: 3/1/21 - Who is God? What is God like? Today Pastor Nat begins a study of the essential qualities of God,highlighting the Lord’s power over the universe, and His willingness to usethat power to care for YOU.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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When we are weak, God is strong! I find in the moments of brokenness and humility, God's presence is realized in overwhelming ways. I don't like the brokenness, but it is valuable! I am praying for you!
Rene - I am praying for you guys today!
Rene, thanks for sharing! The trials do not seem to end, but thankfully God's faithfulness never ends! When my family experienced lay-offs, bedrest, cancer, and other health issues, we faced many financial trials, but through amazing miracles of God, our needs were met each week. I am praying the same for you!
The things that I am facing today there is nothing that I can do but only pray I know that God promise to go with us whatever we're facing Sometimes I just want to ask God to end it all but again The Lord promise to never leave us or forsake us I want To listen To him
Just because I can’t see God doesn’t mean I can’t see the effects of His presence. As my husband and I are Covid survivors and my husband was at deaths door in the hospital, but our Creator God said “not today”, and my husband lives! Now we are facing yet another challenge, this time financial but we know how faithful He was before and we are trusting Him once again. Back to back trials are tough but our God is more than enough for any trouble. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD delivers him out of them all. “ Psalms 34:19.
Yes God is awesome God.
Great message thank you.
We are here with you but before us is Jesus. May God Bless and bring all to a speedy quick recovery and a negative result. Fear not for God is with you and all his children. In Jesus name Amen
Marilyn as Pastor Nat said when you accept Jesus Christ into our heart it is done. From that moment you will never walk alone again. For He leads the way even when we stumble if you don't know what to say...Just say Jesus lift me and return me back to You OH Mighty God. May God Bless you with His ever healing Presence that You feel Him and know we all are sinners who fall short of The Glory of God but He never Fails us. In Jesus name Amen For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”    “When we offer our broken heart to Jesus Christ, He accepts our offering. He takes us back. No matter what losses, wounds, and rejection we have suffered, His grace and healing are mightier than all.”
Father I Praise and Thank You for leading the way in things seen and unseen to us as You see all and know all. I Thank You Lord for making our way safe in Your Will Ways Path Light and Perfect Timing. Through every trial storm You lead us through bringing us out stronger in You. I will forever Glorify Your name and lead with Your Love in all I do for I know You OH Lord are leading doing it with me. I Praise and Thank You Father for Your Faithfulness Promises each new day. In Jesus name Amen Revelation 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
Awesome message thank you Pastor Nat
Thank you for this message.
I have prayed many, many, many times for a hedge of protection to be placed around my kids. I can't see that hedge over them, but I can vision the LORD throwing an enormous tarp (if you will) over them. If traveling the tarp is even bigger to cover the entire area they will be traveling. If God can create a universe, he can certainly create anything we ask for. Blessings!!!
Marco, that must be so hard! I can't imagine. I pray for healing and reunion! God's grace is sufficient each and every day!
Nancy, I am praying for strength and discernment. Watching our children struggle and sin is never easy. It is even more difficult when the sins can be against us! But God's love can pass through us all to our children. Knowing how to navigate healthy boundaries can be part of the challenge as well. Praying for you! Don't give up!
Praise God for the healing! And continued prayers for your family!
That is so hard. It is hard to watch a person wander away, but God is watching over it all. Keep praying. I am joining you in prayer!
I am praying for quick recovery and negative results!
You are not alone. We aren't that different than the children of Israel who forget and wander away. Thankfully, God is there when we return!
So true, Chaz! There are things that God is doing (preventing, arranging) we never see. He is watching over us through it all!
Thanks nat , I have found that what ever circumstances I may be in, that acknowledgment of what God has already , and continually still doing in my life . Whether or not I can see it , when I praise him , It takes my mind off me.Then I’m able to give him all my attention.. I mean after all , he does so much it is amazing to me to the point I can . Thanks. YBIC
My biggest concern right now is the constant doubt that creeps in. Faith and trust are my greatest challenge and the taking of my will back instead of resting in God' will.. I want to walk in my Lords foot steps but the flesh is weak. Forgive me Jesus for I am a sinner.
My grandchildren are in school and now have to quarantine because someone in one of their class tested positive for the virus. Asking for prayers for the person who tested positive and for my loved ones my that their COVID test today comes back negative for the family. Thank you! God is Good, All the Time!
There are some communication issues going on with a loved one who has also wandered from God. I know God will work this out for His glory, but man, it hurts! Accusations and misunderstandings are part of this, but the worst is that their life reflects their wandering spirit.
I have been separated from my children and have not been able to them for over a year. I pray for our reunification, for their healthy, joyful and safe lives and forgiveness in my heart for everything and everyone in and around this situation. May Your Grace supercede my faults and provide the very best for my children's upbringing in Your Love.
I know you’re hurting as does God. I’m going through the same, and will keep you and your family in prayer. His mercies are new every morning, and he is faithful. We get through this with God holding our hand.
I've grown more when I lean into my trials. They are there, most likely, not because I've caused them, but because God allows them for my growth and my development. Knowing this helps me through the trials.
Clyde, we all struggle with this from time to time. Thankfully, God is always there. He welcomes us back whenever we wander or forget!
So good and so true! Yes, He is there. He will not abandon us. He is our provider and our protector. I pray we all call on God first each and every day!
Amen Amen
I am struggling how to love our kids THROUGH their mistakes. We have had so many tribulations in our family and our faith has grown through them. But, it feels like Satan has a hold of our kids. I think I’m just tired. One thing after the next. I’m hanging on by a thread. But God is good and we see him working I am just stubborn and I want it faster and truthfully, probably easier. Ugh!! Did they not learn from everything else! Nancy
Unconditional Love ❤️
God is healing problems in my marriage and I can see His hand . I have faith He is working on my five adult children who have turned from Him and from my husband and I . Thank you Jesus , for showing us how to love , thank you Holy Spirit for convicting and leading us , thank you God the father for your awesome glory .
We face many trials and they aren't easy but I thank God that each time I came out stronger and more knowledgeable than I was before. Thank you Jesus for loving me, the trials and the growth!
God is everything to me. I'm learning to leave all my concerns to him, but life still sometimes gets in the way. But then I remember who my Father is!!
Amen. He's the Alpha and the Amega. I Love You Father God in Jesus name.
I have to remind myself that God knows and loves me and that He is available. I don't have to fight battles alone. He has me! He directs me in resolving conflict and sharing His love with difficult people.
Yes Lord