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God is Our Daddy


Air Date: 3/3/21 -Today Pastor Nat shares the biblical picture of God as your Father.  He’s not a no-show dad, a critical dad, a distant dad or even pretty-good-dad.  Rather, He is a perfect, always-present Father Who knows, loves, and cares for you.


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We find in The Holly Bible that God is: The Father, Son, Holly Spirit as "One" Jesus Christ is and will always be as He Loved Us and chose us first! It is through Jesus Christ Mercy's and Grace made New each Morning that we rise as He lifts us into His Amazing Grace, God only knows! No matter what kind of Father you see, feel Him as know this, He will never leave nor forsake us, He goes before us for The battle belongs to Jesus. We all are sinners but The Greatest Blessings is through the sin He will forgive us only if seeking true forgiveness with all thy heart, soul, mind and might. Nothing we do can be unforgivable if we repent Jesus will forgive us as He is always The only Promise keeper, The only True Faithful Father we will ever know. For Jesus Love surpasses all understanding and things known and unknown. Heavenly Father I Praise and Thank You for You are and will always be alive within me/us. Please Father God Bless me/us to become more like You and less like me/us. For I seek for the to use me for Thy Will not mine only Yours forever Father. Please teach and remind me/us Father we are to be "One" Family and You OH Mighty God are The Head of this Family. Please Bless us to remember we are The Church not the building, We are The Church "One" within You Lord. These things I say I ask I Pray and let go surrendering all to You! Praise The Father, Son, Holly Spirit as One I do in Jesus name Amen
We cry out Abba Father, Daddy Father.
Thank you Pastor Nat. I know God is my father and I have a relationship with Him. My Heavenly father who loves me more than I do because sometimes my love for him is lukewarm. Thank you for your son Jesus who rescued me from my sins thus made a way to call you ABBA Father. I am free! Amen.
Thank you for the great message.
Thank you for this message today.
I love God my Father and I Thank him every day for his love for me. I give him all of me to guide and trach me his ways.
Our earthly fathers have passed away now and it is so wonderful to know we can go to our Perfect Heavenly Father God who is always with us. His Word is so powerful and needed during these difficult days. Lord's Blessings to Pastor Nat and Win the Day. We look forward to your message each day.
Wow, Barb. Amen. Thank you for the wonderful encouragement about our God and daddy!
That is part of Spegal's book. That is why we need to let go of equating a father (or a lack thereof) with God. God isn't our earthly fathers. We may have the best or the worst dads but He will always outperform them. For many people, this is an amazing blessing.
Thanks for sharing Clyde. Many of us missed out on having a dad. It may have been death, divorce, abandonment, or neglect. But God will never do any of those. Thankful for His presence and unchanging character!
Wow. So encouraging Vicki! Thanks for sharing!
You are not alone. Many people have had negative experiences with their earthly Father. That's why it's so important to not equate God with them. God is a good father who loves and cares for His children. Let's rest in His arms!
Life change and transformation are stories that everyone likes. So I agree! Share away!
Amen! My earthly father loved all children dearly. He was affected by war torn far away lands when he was growing up. He was strict, a bit narrow minded but my brothers and sisters welfare was always his main concern. I remember that most about him ... his concern for my welfare. It’s wonderful to experience our heavenly Fathers love and have a Brother in Jesus.
I am been a believer in God as young as 6 but I have been Thur a lot in these 66 year here on earth I know God is my Father and I am trying to alway follow Him I love my Father God and I know he is my Father amen
My earthly father was a wonderful man, my Daddy. He’s been gone now for 36 years but in memory I still feel his love. I encountered my Heavenly Father for the first time in 1987, at the age of 37. I see Him today as my provider, protector, guide, and the lover of my soul. He is always with me, and becomes more real to me every day. His love has changed me from an injured bird, hiding from everyone (including myself) to a confident, brave woman who has finally learned to speak the truth in love, rather than lashing out in defense, fear or anger. Instead of cowering in real terror before the Lord, I let Him gather me under His wings and settle in like a weaned child. Praise God!
My earthly father was a good provider, and I knew he loved me because of His actions more than his words. However, that relationship enabled me to be receptive to the love of our heavenly father. I can only imagine what it's like to try to trust in someone you can't see when you couldn't trust the father who was visible.
He's my daddy he's my father he's everything to me
I lost my earthly dad when I was only 7yrs old. Never truly had a father figure in my life. So even though my mom brought me up the best she could, God wasn't in the equation during most of my life. I always believed there was a God, but never was once spoken to about the gospel. Then at age 57, someone enticed me to go to church and its like a bomb went off inside me. I was convicted beyond anything I ever felt before. I gave my life to Christ and now know what it truly is like having a Father who loves me unconditionally and forgave me for all my sins and still continues to do so. He is my Abba Father!!
I've been a Christ-follower for 45+ years and have learned that He is my Daddy for sure -- with all the positive things one could think from an earthly viewpoint. But God... He's way beyond my imagination and can balance love and wrath and putting up with imperfect me--and still loving me. The Trinity also is beyond my real comprehension, but I am sooo thankful for all three! I desperately need the work of the Spirit in me to keep bringing me under conviction when I stray and giving me such joy when I'm surrendered--even when circumstances are difficult. I just love God!
This one different. Earthly Dad never even sit me on his knee never had time for me never once say I love you . thank God after got saved couldn't get time to catch up he die but he knew that there was a change in me Tryed to be were every he was at constantly thanks to Jesus Amen
Sharing your testimony with someone can be so encouraging to someone, and your self. Pass it on. Thanks, Doug.