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Welcome to the Daily Bible Teaching with Pastor Nat Crawford!

Pastor Nat Crawford is the new Bible teacher on the “Back to the Bible” daily podcast. He has master’s degrees in biblical exposition and Christian apologetics from Moody Bible Institute and Biola University. Nat completed his undergraduate studies at Grace University, majoring in biblical studies and business leadership, and went on to serve as a teaching pastor at First Free Church in Lincoln, NE.

Nat says his passion is helping people know what they believe and why they believe it. “When this happens,” he says, “their love of God increases, and their passion for following Jesus naturally grows.”

Nat is writing a book and plans on beginning his doctoral studies in 2021. He and his wife Tiffany enjoy a full family life with their three boys: Simon, Landon, and Gracen. Nat and his family live in Lincoln NE.

The truths of scripture come alive as Pastor Nat Crawford shares daily Bible Teaching as well as discussion with guests on timely topics.
Discover how to navigate the ups and downs of this life with the wisdom of the ages!   

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We welcome your comments, questions, and responses. Please feel free to leave them below!

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12 days ago
Pastor Nat, i am looking forward to everlasting life with Christ, as a person who was raised up in the catholic church.
13 days ago
I hope his teachings will help me out.
5 months ago
Thank You dear Lord for this bible study. Bless Pastor Nat's teaching as he guides us through each study. May we all learn, grow, & serve You for Your glory. Father, help me in my struggles & weaknesses to be Your doulos in Christ, for I want to serve You & be victorious in my daily walk with You. I not only want to end well, but I want to live well for You & through You during my short time here - on this side of eternity. I love You Lord! In JESUS name -AMEN!
1 reply
4 months ago ( updated 4 months ago )
I am blessed every time I hear Pastor Nate.
I praise Jesus for him.

I like to send Pastor Nate a quick email.

God's grace with you
Your Egyptian brother
Samy Tanagho
6 months ago
Thank you JESUS for this wonderful opportunity to know YOU more and more in my everyday life. looking forward for the Bible study with you all.
7 months ago
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