Getting a Glimpse of Heaven pt. 2 - Win the Day

Getting a Glimpse of Heaven pt. 2

Air Date: 3/13/20 - What will Heaven be like? The Book of Revelation describes a magnificent city called New Jerusalem—a place that holds the throne of God. Will we live there too? In this episode, Bryan Clark explores some amazing truths about the afterlife: We will have new bodies, there will be a sense of time, and we will experience a world that’s similar to what we’ve understood. The difference? Heaven will be a perfect, eternal paradise.

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2 years ago
Thank you for the message I can never get enough off how it will be in heaven.
2 years ago
I was wondering why we are still here, gathering people to God, first we have to love this but to build a community for shalom.
2 years ago
When God do redeem the heaven and earth it will be perfect and holy.