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Galatians – Free in Christ


Air Date: 6/25/22 - Are you tired of playing the game of religion? Are you exhausted trying to be good enough for God’s love? If so, Join Pastor Nat as he looks at the Book of Galatians for true freedom in salvation.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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8 days ago
Lord Jesus, I have heard Your Word and I have read Your Word, both of which have captured my heart. Help me to keep what I have both heard and read deep within me so that I may not entertain some other nice-sounding, but false doctrine. Keep me firmly planted in Your Word, Amen.
9 days ago
I never thought about what religion stood for. I think about our churches that don't want to do to much for people who don't belong to our church. It's sad. There rules for our church are sad. I'm glad we follow Christ and not our elders of the church. Because they are not good examples of Christ.
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8 days ago
As a former church pastor, it is tough knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Principles are there to help us but we always must go back to the Bible for additional guidance that never fails.
10 days ago
I need God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit within me, I do not need religion.
Shine your light on me Father God!
10 days ago
Good message.
10 days ago
Only through Jesus Christ are we Saved! Thank the Father! Amen.
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