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From Skeptic to Servant


Air Date: 1/31/22 - What good does Christianity do? Does it make a difference in our daily lives? Join Pastor Nat as he kicks off a new study of the book of James. Today, let’s start putting faith in real life.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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6 months ago
I gladly consider myself a bond servant to Christ. I am under His protection and provision.
7 months ago
I know that as long as I am still alive I as a willing slave of my master Lord Jesus Christ, there are more people I will tell that Jesus is the Only way, The Truth, The Life. By grace I was delivered from the power of sin and death.
7 months ago
I know I am still alive at 85 because I still can tell people why I know when I die I will immediately be in the presence of Jesus who loves me and died in my place. I am a willing slave to my Lord of Lords who will return as King of Kings over all the world.
7 months ago
happy to be
7 months ago
Lord Jesus, You are the Messiah, the Lord, our risen Saviour and King. You have called me to serve You by performing good works to those who are less fortunate and marginalized. Help me to serve them with gratitude and humility for Your sake for it is an honour to serve You.
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