From Rejection to Reception - Win the Day


From Rejection to Reception

Air Date: 9/29/21 - Rejection stinks, but it’s inevitable. But rejection does not mean being abandoned. Join Pastor Nat as he discovers where to find comfort when feeling rejected.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
thank you
9 months ago
Right Christ did not come to bring peace to the earth but to bring division (between belief and unbelief). Some versions say that bring sword (division between belief and unbelief). That is the reason it is very vital to protect your belief in the Lord.

The word of God says He who denies Him before men will He also deny him before His heavenly Father!. And the next verse says' Do not assume I have come to bring peace to the earth but a sword'(matt 10.34)
9 months ago
I am a little confused you said Jesus came to divide people
9 months ago
Thank you for this message today.
9 months ago
Thank you pastor Nat!
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