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Following Jesus: The Adventure!

Air Date: 1/21/21 - Trusting Jesus as your Savior and Lord isn’t a one-time event.  It’s a lifelong adventure!  Pastor Nat Crawford urges you to follow the Lord’s plan and seek His guidance for each step of the journey.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Think you pester nat Lord help me that I go willingly following you
2 years ago
thank you for the devotion and the explaination, yes i want faithfully following Jesus.
2 years ago
Being an exceptions of the Lordship of Jesus Christ of Salvation.
2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
For me it has never been an issue no matter what the cost is I will follow Jesus, I will stand firm on His solid Rock, building life through and on Jesus solid foundation! Truth be told we are to Love one another as Jesus Loves us first and as He remains Loving we his children each new day. Come what may the cost matters not I will Rise up even when I stumble as He lifts me to follow Jesus and His every word. Joyfully being His slave only! For I know following Jesus only heat and amazing things will come.

Father I Praise and Glorify Your Holly Name please grant give me the strength, peace, wisdom and guidance to Love as You Love leading me through this beautiful mission of life giving in You. Than You Lord in Jesus name Amen.

A verse I read daily John 13: 34-35.
By Loving one another then and only then will everyone know we are only His disciples. Remember always The Lord is The Joy of our Strength!
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