Focus Determines Your Reality (Daniel) - Part 3

Air Date: 5/12/20 - Today we’re reminded that amazing grace is just that – AMAZING – because no one in their own strength can be gracious during times when life is relentless and unfair.  Rather, it’s God’s example of grace and His Spirit of grace living in us that makes the difference.  Pastor Nat Crawford shares this and other important truths in today’s episode on the life of Daniel.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will also join in to talk about being grace-bearers to the people around you.   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank you
Thank you for the encouragement. It's all by grace.
How Great us Our God, no matter how thus life get so demanding, this song come to me like how is our God really is.
What a blessing today's study was to me!! Thank you BTB, Pastor Nat, Cara and Arnie.
That is a lot to chew on. Thank You!
I do live in the loin's den, what help me is keeping my eye on the Jesus.. Thank you, Pastor Nat; my rating of you is a ten.
One of my anchors is the evening glow of a Christmas tree. It brings me back to Christmas at my grandmother's. She used to say, "The lights never shine as bright as they do on Christmas eve."
Pastor Nat here. What is one of your anchors? Is it a song? A smell? A painting? Where does this anchor bring you?