Focus Determines Your Reality (Daniel) - Part 2

Air Date: 5/11/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford helps you consider your actions and reactions during times of trial.  In today’s episode, you’ll discover that as you learn to choose faith over your fears, you’ll begin to see God’s presence with you regardless of any unfair, lopsided, or crazy situation that comes to pass!  That was the case with the biblical character Daniel whose story you’ll hear today.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will also weigh in on what it takes to live out your faith in today’s world. 

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Yep. All those impact me too! How do you refocus on God?
Hi Nat, There are lot of distraction that causes take me away from God. Circumstances, money , government, family.
For me, it's not a "negative" thought or experience. It's my kids. I love them. And if I'm not careful, my focus goes to them more than it is on God.
Pastor Nat here! I have a personal question for you. What takes your focus off of God? How do you refocus on our King? I look forward to interacting with you over this.