Focus Determines Your Reality (Daniel) - Part 1 - Win the Day

Focus Determines Your Reality (Daniel) - Part 1

Air Date: 5/8/20 - Everybody loves it when the good guy wins. But what happens when the good guy gets kicked around, or forgotten? Don’t you just hate that? Especially when it’s YOU? Pastor Nat Crawford shows us how Daniel handled this problem. Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join Nat to talk about choosing faith over fear and following God wherever He leads you.

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I would like to be trained and equipped to train Pastor and leaders systematic Church operation
Hi I really love the teaching today so many things that I saw in my life that became more clear the curveballs and life it made so much sense and stepping out in faith rather than fear thank you God bless you
Good Friday, Pastor Nat, to study God's word on a daily basois.
Daniel always please God, God will reward you.
I'd love to learn how to sail. As a native, Nebraskan, we have no natural bodies of water here. But I've spent plenty of time on the Pacific Coast. Each time I'm there I say, "I really want to learn how to sail."
Good morning and happy Friday! It's Pastor Nat. I want to ask you a "light-hearted" or "get to know you" question. If you could learn any new hobby, what would it be?
Thank you Nat for your encouraging messages. These messages are helping me to grow and become for aware on how to overcome my fears by directing my thoughts more pointedly at Jesus. Thank you.
Nate, he is really good of telling the stories of the bible.