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Finish Well


Air Date: 5/14/21 - Today Pastor Nat looks at the life of Paul, the Apostle who gave up his hard-won status and strict lifestyle for a joy that couldn’t be stifled, even by constant suffering.  What kept him on track to the finish line will also help you finish well!    


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
God is not finish with me yet either, til that day come, continue love family and God.
a year ago
2 replies
a year ago
You can do it!!! anyone can through the powe of Jesus christ, God bless you
a year ago
,*☹️;HELP ME!*
a year ago
There is no reason to be torn The Love of Jesus Christ always comes first. The battle belongs to Jesus not us! First Jesus then all things after to Glorify Him in every way and thing we do.

Paul remembered to keep his eyes fixed on Jesus and that The Lord is The Joy of his our Strength. As Paul and all Jesus apostles did we are to live this live given through Jesus for Jesus, as Jesus did. Is it easy no we're not Jesus but strive to live more as Jesus Christ did and remains living within each of us. We are to lead with our hearts be humble in all things.
To reach out to those in need not look down upon them. Lift them in Christ!

A simple smile word of kindness hello can open the door for us to share Jesus with everyone. Often we do not listen with our hearts but our ears. Listen with both without judgement to say I hear you I see you I'm here for you in Jesus name. Get to know your neighbors help that person hold the door open give without asking anything in return. Our #1 goal is to put Jesus first then live Always leading with Jesus Love. It is easy no but yes we can always left God be never stop trying.

Have A Blessed Day Everyone
1 reply
a year ago
Joey, my Brother in Christ, great message!!!! You always seem so sure and determined. It's very refreshing. You are a very nice person and I bet you do lots of nice things to help your neighbors. You probably cheer people up without even knowing it!! God Bless You!! 🙏💕😇
a year ago
Thank you Jesus for teaching us to fix our eyes on you always
a year ago
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