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Everyday Ways. Everyday People

Air Date: 12/10/20 - You are where you are for a reason – to reach others for Christ. How is it done? In everyday ways with everyday people! Nat Crawford takes the sales approach out of evangelism, and reminds you that sharing Christ often comes down to the simplicity of sharing your life. Don’t keep the good news to yourself!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Great ideas, Pastor Nat! Thank you.
Thank you pastor net
Great insights. Thank you. Keep doing the work of an evangelist and share the stories!
Wow. What a great testimony! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes the soil is incredibly hard. It's frustrating, but you are faithful in scattering and watering. Keep praying! I will join you in prayer!
Trust God and see what he will do in your life.
We love our neighbors and bigger "hood". In the 14 years in this neighborhood, we have been to each others churches for various reasons, prayed and stayed together in hospital rooms of a loved one, prayed together for family, supported each other in deaths, illness, hurricanes and etc. and celebrated together with weddings, grandkids, graduations, and etc. It has been beautiful to see us mold together and for one couple in particular, accept Jesus into their hearts. Praise the Lord! My challenge has been doing outreach in the workplace. Years ago my boss told me that she didn't agree with anything about church or God. Her demeanor towards me showed that her heart was hardened. Even though I have failed many times in front of her, God has honored my desire to live a life honoring Him in front of her. About 5 years ago her personality really changed for the worse ... one day she would be verbally and professionally abusive but the next day she was calling me into her office to ask my advice how to handle a situation. It was a Jeckyll/Hyde type of thing. So I really changed the way I prayed for her and over the last two years I have seen her change a lot. Before when conversations about anything that may resemble "religious" would start, she would kick everyone out of her office and slam her door. Over the last couple of years she has started to listen to those conversations and most recently has tried to include herself in the conversation in a positive but searching way. I know God is working. And for the record, God has healed the wounds caused by her abuse and has allowed for a much wanted re-org where I will no longer be working FOR her but will be still working WITH her on a daily basis! Praise Him!
Garden in the front yard and 4 lawn chairs too what a cool idea as a way to reach neighbors. I've noticed more so lately that ppl tend to agree a little bit easier that we could be living in the last days just bc of the condition of the world. Then I go on to explain it's more so the age that we are living in that's coming to it's final stages or end of the age. Non believers and (which is more scary) the ppl that don't know that their lost bc they have a works religion that their banking on which is the result of never reading their bible. Ask the question to someone in your church for instance and see where they are at. Why should God allow you into His heaven? See what reply u get, get a pulse. I was just talking to Bob across the street about the millennium kingdom & how that is the age that is very near after the rapture & tribulation period where God pours out His judgements on the earth I explained that whole thing to him. That ppl that are in the 'know' (Bible readers) differ on pre, mid, and post tribulation but we all agree it's near (Israel 1948) 70-80 yr generation. Plant the seed someone will come along & water it and life will cultivate it & God will make it grow. If not here (time of grace) than in the tribulation where the kingdom gospel will be preached once again. The kingdom WILL be at hand.
Yes you can! Try it and share the story!
Thank you
simple yet profound - I can do this!!
Thank you God for loving us so much to spread your word
Thanks Pastor Nat for reminding me today "not to keep the good news for myself". I will be intentional in sharing it. Lord, please help me today to share the "good news" with others. Please remove all fear and anxiety and let me speak boldly "scattering the seeds" of the Gospel. Amen.