Essential Christian Doctrine: An Interview with Kevin Lewis 

Air Date: 7/24/20 - Faith is often trivialized as emotion and opinion rather than a matter of fact. So, what is the right view of God and salvation? Get answers to this question and more as Pastor Nat Crawford interviews Kevin Lewis, Associate Professor of Theology and Law from Biola University. 

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Thank you it helps me a lot to know where I stand
Much happy to be in bible teaching,God bless you ,I really need prayers for my family and me too we are passing hard time in financially
Thank you for make the our faith more clear and better understanding, this is needed for today with so much division.
God bless u
Thank you Lord.
Thank you
Incredible encourages the believer to go beyond Christ as only a life preserver in time of trouble. Line upon line ..precept upon precept....THE truth alone builds inner strength in times like these.a huge thank-you