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Escape the Darkness

Air Date: 12/24/21 - Apart from Jesus, people are trapped in darkness. Life in the darkness is dangerous and unnecessary. So how can we escape it? Join Pastor Nat for the answer.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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6 months ago
Dear lord help us who are trapped in the darkness, God help us to surrender to the lord, help us to believe and trust in him with all our hart. Amen.
6 months ago
Lord Jesus, You gave me Your best and even suffered and died to show me that You are sincere about Your promise of eternal life. Lord, help me to increase my belief in You, the Christ. Turn my heart away from this world and its packaged sin and turn my life into an instrument for Your love and Your grace.
6 months ago
Please send me a mentor during the coming year to help me with my spirituality. I need it!
6 months ago
I Thank Jesus each new day not just at Christmas, looking up to Him with all things.
Jesus is The only Light that shines bright inside out for all to see Him. I Thank Him each new day for Turning His Face to Smile upon us.

Merry Christmas ☃️🎄🙏 to all our friends, family worldwide look up and may God Bless us with a prosperous, joyful God Filled New Year in Jesus name Amen.

Thank You Father I Still Believe My Heart Trust in You alone. For Your Goodness endures Eternally. Blessed be in The name of The Father, Son, and Holly Spirit as One.
Praise Jesus Glory to God Amen
6 months ago
Thank you for reminding all that we must daily look to our True Light who is Jesus. Enjoy your active family as we sing among other good songs: Hark the Herald Angels Sing…
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