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Enough is Enough

Air Date: 12/31/20 - Do you need to break free from the things that hold you back spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically? If enough is enough and it’s time for a change, Pastor Nat reminds you of the power of the Holy Spirit to lead you forward with God-honoring choices and self-control.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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They have Micro Minnie's now. Thats $5 a point MES instead of $50 a point ES.. 4 ticks makes one point so thats $1.25 per tick multiply by 4 = $5 Get consistent at making 3 trades a day = $60 give or take $$ management while in trade. Then move up to ES $50 per point =$600 per day Thats one contract shouldn't be trading more than one if u can't make money on one. Amen? I'm referring to myself here. It's a lonesome journey. :)
Wow! Great goals and congrats on the progress! Keep in touch!
Me too!
Thanks for sharing, Bill. I've had that hobby for a while, but won't make it a career! lol. Keep us up to date with your progress in this move!
We are all works in progress. Thankfully, God does the majority of the work...when we let Him!
Very encouraging message.
Thank you, very good Bible foundation 🙏.
It really hits home that we are not to be a slave of anything. Great message. Thanks.
Thank you
Perfect message! I battle with anger. I feel terrible when I am so quick to see others in a way that God doesn't. I am going to turn this around in 2021 with God's help!
Amen! Thank you Pastor Nat. My goal is work related. To actually draw an income from trading. To get back to a habit of trading market replay every night. (Where u trade the day over again but in replay) Practice. To go from simulated trading to real money trading bc there's ministries that I would like to contribute to that feed me spiritually. Trading's been more of a hobby I need to make it a business. Thats my goal.
To read and stay in God's word.
I chose to be done with my addictive behaviors and quit drinking my diet sodas. Now God has led me to lose the weight--about 68 pounds. I have surrendered to His power, as I don't have any! I'm down 4 pounds since Sunday and am looking forward to a year where I honor God with my body as it says in I Cor. 6. Please pray for continuing surrender and victory.
Thank you Pastor Nat. A very encouraging teaching to close 2020. I am grateful and thankful to God for this 'go Tandem team, bless and protect each one of them and their families. May their work of your kingdom be accomplished by making us readers give to bless. Amen