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Encouragement Is the Key


Air Date: 4/15/21 - It’s easy to criticize, but choosing to encourage instead equips others to grow in their love and knowledge of God. Pastor Nat challenges you to keep this in mind as you support spiritual fitness for yourself and those around you!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thanks, Joey! Always a good word!
Sounds like a servant's heart! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you pastor Nat
Great message.
I remember in high school home you learn to cook and sew, they had TPA at school (1) they had it in the cafeteria, the I help set up like a catering, I help clean up. (2) The second time they had TPA meeting the second set up was in the band room, I help serve, there were parents of students, they were wandering who help them do the cooking, when they saw your truly there, they were at ease. I help with the clean-up along with everyone els.e
Awesome message!
5 Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus. Romans 15:5. To be edified in The Word of God. Our "Church" is God, not a building. I know I'm growing because we must learn each new day. Never keep God in a box! Share The Love of Jesus Christ daily. Yes we all are sinners they way it is to be. For only One Man was remains Perfect, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Each day read your devotionals as they will Strengthen you in The Will of God. Let us remind each other that we are "good enough" for Our God is The only! In Jesus all things are possible. Father I Praise and Thank You for each new day seeing Your Family grow in numbers here at Back to The Bible. There in sharing it will all other's to Uplift Inspire encourage in every way of You Jesus. Father I Pray You would Bless anyone who is hurting and send lead us to those that we can lead to You. In Jesus name Amen And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.” Psalm 39:7 (KJV)
I look forward to your posts, Carolyn. You are open and honest just like a family member should! thankful that God brings together all kinds of people to make up His body!
Thank you Carolyn
Thank you! Amen
Amen. Thank you Jesus for being with me .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Amen Amen Amen Thank you Jesus for helping me win the day 🙌🏽🙏🏽
The body of Christ is a beautiful thing. We really were made for community and I love this one!
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
In agree Clyde. Reading Devotionals does seem to get me, or to keep me on the right track... 2 years ago I never knew what a Devotional was...now I would be lost without them. May you have a Blessed Day!! 😇
I experience periods, which I know are great; times where I just know I am growing Spiritually. I feel amazing during those times. Then I experience these empty times when I know I am just coasting, at best, and running away from Jesus at worse. Feeling like I just can't get back on track. These times I feel alone, scared, frightened and empty. It's a scary place to be in. What's strange is I feel like the two go hand in hand. The more I learn about Jesus, and the Bible, the more I grow spiritually, yet, the more I learn, I feel like there are so many ways in which I'm sinning and failing, then I get so down on myself I run from God. I beg him to not let me run so far. This app, and this Family has been such a Beautiful Blessing Jesus gave me. I learn so much from all of you. I've learned we all, at times, struggle with the same things..That we're not alone! I feel I can be open and honest here about my spiritual journey. And that feels so welcoming because I really grow from Pastor Nat's teachings, and all your wonderful individual comments and comments directly towards me. I'm so very grateful and I want to thank all of you here on the Go Tandum App. You really are all very beautiful people and I thank God he is bringing us together to get to know one another and encourage each other at times of stress. May you all be filled with the Holy Spirit Today and grow closer to God today then you were yesterday (to use Pastor Nat's phrase)!!!!! 🙂 Peace and Blessings to you all!!!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
I’ve been on like a rollercoaster ride where my faith goes up and down! But lately I decided to do a devotional Bible reading and I’m enjoying the process!! Thank you Jesus for always being there with me!!
Thank you lord for my continuous faith, love and strength that you have given me to endure each task i face daily. In jesus name, Amen