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Encouragement Is the Key


Air Date: 4/15/21 - It’s easy to criticize, but choosing to encourage instead equips others to grow in their love and knowledge of God. Pastor Nat challenges you to keep this in mind as you support spiritual fitness for yourself and those around you!


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a year ago
a year ago
Thank you pastor Nat
a year ago
Great message.
a year ago ( updated a year ago )
I remember in high school home you learn to cook and sew, they had TPA at school (1) they had it in the cafeteria, the I help set up like a catering, I help clean up. (2) The second time they had TPA meeting the second set up was in the band room, I help serve, there were parents of students, they were wandering who help them do the cooking, when they saw your truly there, they were at ease. I help with the clean-up along with everyone els.e
1 reply
a year ago
Sounds like a servant's heart! Thanks for sharing!
a year ago
Awesome message!
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