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Embrace God’s Peace in 2021

Air Date: 1/01/21 - God’s peace isn’t a maybe.  It isn’t something that is to come.  God’s peace is here right now and available to you through Jesus Christ.  Pastor Nat Crawford urges you to welcome the New Year by embracing the soul-lifting, lasting peace of God. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Why only 5 mts
1 reply
a year ago
In November we moved to a new format to reach more people in 2021. We are still committed to solid, evangelical Bible teaching. That will always remain. How we communicate can and will change. So we will have long-form, short-form, and everything in between. Be prepared a lot of great Biblical content is coming in 2021!
a year ago
Great way to start the new year. Thank you Lord.
a year ago
By the of God and Jesus, this year will a remarkable year when I embrace the will of Godin my life.
a year ago
Thank you Jesus
a year ago
Good msg. Much needed.
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