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Ecclesiastes – The Meaning of Life


Air Date: 5/25/22 - What is the meaning of life? Is it meaningless, or is there a real purpose? Join Pastor Nat as he turns to the Book of Ecclesiastes for the answers.  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a month ago
“Trust Me”
 Trust Me and fear not: I will hold thy hand
 And gently lead thee onward day by day;
 The desert shall rejoice, and through the sand
 Refreshing streams shall mark thyonward way.
 Trust Me, for I alone can safely guide;
 Each step thou takest I have trod before;
 Trust only in Me whatever may betide-
 Trust Me today, trust Me for evermore.
 Trust Me when danger thickens round thy way;
 Trust Me though anguish fills thy grief-wrung heart;
 Still put thy trust in Me, though I should slay;
 The peace of perfect trust bids fear depart.
 Trust Me at all times, trust in Me alone;
 When thou art weary, lean upon My breast;
 Have I not called thee My beloved-My own?
 My presence shall go with thee, giving rest.
 Trust in Me in all thy weakness; lean on Me
 Who is thine everlasting strength and stay
 Trust Me, for though eyes with tears be dim,
 My blessed hand shall wipe those tears away.
 Trust Me, for I am the almighty power;
 Trust Me, My showers of blessings fall on thee;
 Trust Me each moment, trust Me every hour
 Trust Me through life and for eternity!
a month ago
Heavenly Father, my life is without meaning whenever You are absent. And as I attempt to live meaningfully, help me to discover the fear of God, so that by Your Spirit, I may be humble, understand Your love, and have my life fulfilled through a relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord.
a month ago
Trusting and following God are my weak areas, Lord Jesus strengthen my faith and help me to trust and follow you more.
a month ago ( updated a month ago )
I Def have a hard time with given my full trust to God. I want to badly, but yet I fear things in this life that I shouldn't. My Flesh constantly battles my Spirit.

Also my name is Greg. Not sure why it says God bless everyone
a month ago
I sometimes don't always trust God the way I should. Perhaps I just need to be more patient. One of the verses I like is Proverbs 3:5-6 which does deal with trusting God.
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