Drowning Fear, Rising Hope (Noah), Part 3 - Win the Day

Drowning Fear, Rising Hope (Noah), Part 3

Air Date: 5/28/20 - Whatever you’re waiting on, one thing is for sure:  Waiting is hard!  But in today’s study with Pastor Nat Crawford, you’ll be encouraged as you see Noah’s willingness to wait and the difference it made in his life and the lives of his family members.  Later Arnie Cole will join Pastor Nat in-studio to add some valuable ministry insights.   

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2 years ago
I hate to wait, I struggle with this still to this day.
2 years ago
Waiting on God the most puzzling for Christ follower it's what next. I know i need to about Noah to see what he did when he waited on God.

Rating: You hit it on the mark, this deserve a 100 .
2 years ago
My friend was in a cult once, and cut off all contact with me. I worked with her parents over several months and eventually formulated a plan to rescue her. Her parents drove 8 hours to get her and I had to wait to hear if/when they made it back to a safe location without being followed/caught. That was the hardest thing I've waited on.
2 years ago
Waiting is hard. Pastor Nat here. I hate waiting. What's the hardest thing you've waited on?
2 replies
2 years ago
Nat, I can say you and your wife have really struggled in your lives with your children. But God has been good through it all. God is able to use you to further the gospel. That’s the best thing of all. My wife (DEJEAN) and I have had many trials too (not the same as you though). My wife lost her leg through a terrorist attack in Israel in 1974. That’s been and up and down experience all our lives. Our son fell down the side of a mountain in Vermont about 10 years ago, broke his hip, shoulder and shattered son teeth. They say if he had landed any other way he would have been killed. We have had some of these experiences for 39 years (been married). But, through it all God has seen us through. I can’t say it any plainer than that. I try to get into the Word every day and pray every day. Back to the Bible helps me. So, Nat keep on keeping on as you continue to reach people for Jesus Christ. God gets the glory in all of this.
2 years ago
For me, it's been in the "unknown" time of diagnosis for each of my kids' health battles. My oldest had an anaphylactic to something he ate. It took weeks to diagnosis the problem. My middle son battled cancer, but it took two weeks to find out what kind. That was really hard. My youngest son had some kind of seizures as a 4-year-old, but it took weeks to get him into UNMC. But in each case, our kids were seen by doctors and healed b the hand of God.