Drowning Fear, Rising Hope (Noah), Part 2 - Win the Day

Drowning Fear, Rising Hope (Noah) - Part 2

Air Date: 5/27/20 - Do you consider obedience to God to be costly, or priceless?  Pastor Nat Crawford explains that it’s a matter of perspective as he teaches about the life of Noah.  Pastor Nat will also share documented facts about the great flood in his discussion with Arnie Cole. 

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I can’t ever say that I have physically been persecuted for my belief. We may see some in the future. All you have to do is look around our country and world to see how Christianity is being snuffed out, little by little. I just keep praying for Christian‘s, including myself, will come out from among the world and be what we need to be in this day and age.
My pea brain has a hard time absorbing the element of time. Like the flood. Scientist’s say the earth is millions of years old. Bible scholars say the flood was about four thousand years ago. I just have to believe what the Bible says is truth. So that’s where I stand.
God wanted to cleansed the earth, with Noah and Noah's family and all the animals in the ark, the new life will soon begin as the flood will subside.
Yes, in high school even through the years I have, I know that i am a winner because of God's word has given us the end we are winners.
When my husband always wanted to give him attention over spending time in God's word is when I first felt I was being persecuted.
For me it's a little of both... family and friends. I am sidelined/excluded, less invitations to events and some hoping I'll return to participate in the pleasures of this sinful world. With God's help I am determined to follow Him and let my light shine so that others will come to know Him as Lord and Saviour.
For me, it's been extended family. We have non-believers in our family who are quite hostile towards our family because of our faith.
Pastor Nat here! Happy Wednesday! When have you felt persecuted for your faith?
This is information in this Teaching is excellent; and, it never gets outdated. Thank You both!
Very well said!!
Both! But what's done in faith for Christ will last for all eternity with with Him. In the Bible men of God who were obedient to God's directive were often misunderstood, ridiculed and persecuted. Even Jesus the Perfect One had to endure rejection and death on the cross because of His obedience to His Father. His obedience gives believers the priceless gift of Salvation!