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Drowning Fear, Rising Hope (Noah), Part 1

Air Date: 5/26/20 - God gave this man an “impossible” task.  His name is Noah and his inspiring story of challenge is one of drowning fear and rising hope!  Pastor Nat Crawford has some exciting insights waiting for you in today’s message, plus a discussion with Arnie Cole about living with integrity in today’s world.   

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I know this forgiveness, my heart had this problem about forgiveness of other people, I just let God take over my heart of forgiveness of others.
Me too. It is hard and only possible in the power of the Spirit!
I feel the same. It's like I have to forgive them while they are causing pain it's so hard
Love and forgive those who have caused me pain. I am learning that this is a process, and only God can help me to do this. The reality is if He can forgive me of all my sins, I must forgive others. My mind has accepted this, but the condition of my heart is what matters. It's one of my struggles.
Forgive my enemies
Starting a whole new career. Doing something that I have never done. Learning new things doing new things, shifting gears to do even more. This is such an encouraging message! With so many people having to make that shift, it's important to know that God has given us examples to follow. He is so great amazing and faithful! THANK YOU FOR THIS TEACHING ❤️
Sounds silly, but graduating college. It took me 10 years to graduate college because I didn't know what I wanted to do. So I went in and out of college. That was until I went to Grace University and began studying the Bible.
What do you feel has been an impossible task that God has asked you to do?
Love it. Understood it all. Very excited. It's amazing how God use people when you know you didn't have it in you.