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Draw Near

Air Date: 12/22/20 - Loneliness is as much a pandemic in our world as COVID-19.  What’s the solution?  Pastor Nat Crawford takes you to the book of James to uncover the reason and the answer to feeling alone and lonely.  Draw near and discover God’s open arms for you today.

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Thank you Pastor Nat this is needed for today and every day of my life.
Thank you pastor net I need to here this massage today
Thank you Pastor Nat A very good explanation that you had to make a perfect example Lord I pray for your guidance a sober mind Help Me Too! Long to you
This message challenges us to draw near to God and not just in proximity of Him.
Lord, ease my yoke for it has begun to strain my soul. Let me hear your voice as I call out to you. I need you now as always. This time I will not turn my face from you and you will always guide my steps. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
Yes Sir, Good word indeed. When I drift even a little I ask the Lord to draw me close to Him then it happens and it doesn't take long for God to answer my prayer. I know God is Spirit & He is always w/ me but I have a spot where I look out the back slider side window where I 'feel' a connection to God and I'll just say "hey Lord" looking up at the sky and I'll pause for a bit to sense His presence & when I walk away my insides change my heart beats faster. God is ever present is personal to me.
Good Word!