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Don’t Shoot From the Lip


Air Date: 3/7/22 - Our words prove to be among the deadliest ammo available to us. So today, guest speaker Jacob Wirka goes to the book of James to remind us to be careful with our words.  Don’t shoot from the lip!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Dear lord help me to not to shoot from the lips unnecessary, lord please guide my words toward others and inspiring me to focus deeply on your paternal grace. Amen.
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, Your words live on powerfully up to today. And Your Word is true. Let me pattern my words after Your example, by speaking words that support and help and give encouragement instead of tearing down and tearing apart. By Your
Spirit, help me to tame my tongue whenever I speak.
4 months ago
In my life, I have been cursed by my parents on more than one occasion. As a result, I think I've been taught how to do the same in my life. How can I get over this?
4 months ago
Amen. Good devotional today.
4 months ago
That is why that old saying has never been true! Words are or can be like a sword that cut sharp. If we truly seek to be more like Jesus we turn the other cheek speak humbly and with Love. Then pray for those who hurt us their family letting it go giving and surrendering all to Jesus to forgive and forget. Our tongues are a true strong part of our body.

No matter what before we speak we must Stop and look up say what would our Father say. For the Holly Spirit will help us build up not tear down. Thank You Heavenly Father Praise Jesus Glory to God Amen
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