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Don’t Quit!

Air Date: 11/16/20 - “Don’t quit!”  You hear that in sports, in business, even in the bible!  Today Pastor Nat Crawford shares coaching advice from Galatians – advice to help you stick to God’s playbook as you run the race of life.  

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Thank you I love the way you put it that is so true
God is not given up on me either. In other words I AM NOT QUITTING.
This passage give me something to think about.
Happy Monday! How has God developed character in you? God has used coaching to develop my character. Sometimes, referees, other coaches, and even players test my character. I don't always respond correctly. Thankfully, God isn't giving up on me yet!
Lord, help and empower me today to persevere and not quit when trials/obstacles/bad influences come my way. Help me to to be intentional to look to You always, and to share "the Good News of the Gospel" with others. Amen🙏!
Thanks I needed that.
Thank-you for the challenge ..covid has been an excuse to not keep reaching out..." I Will Not Quit! "