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Don’t Fumble


Air Date: 5/27/21 - “When you run with the football, you tuck it in your arm so no one can swat it away. This is what you need to do with the Word of God. Hold fast to it so nothing will make you fumble in your faith.”  Pastor Nat shares a coach’s illustration of Philippians 2:16-18. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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a year ago
Thank you Pastor Nat for this.I am highly encouraged. God's word truly keeps me going. I am always reflecting on it and this puts the breaks on otherwise would be a spiritual disaster.
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a year ago
We all need some encouragement and coaching from God's Word! It is the power! Thankful to be here with you!
a year ago
So Beautiful, thank you
Thank you Jesus
a year ago
We must stay daily fixed and locked on The Word of Jesus. Keep The Holly Bible with You at all times, in the care at work in your pocket. Keep God's Word near at all times in Our Hearts, Minds, Being

There is Power in The name of Jesus there is Power in Jesus Precious name. Carry your cross on your shoulder at all times to remind us in that moment of doubt, anger, storm to look up and then open God's Word Trusting with all our Heart in Faith and Hope that God's Word will continue to set us Free to become more like Jesus. In carrying God's Word with us everywhere reminding us His cross is in our shoulder, will guide us to live this Beautiful life coming alive within Jesus.

Father Thank You for Truly Loving and Choosing us First, Thank that today Your Word and Faithfulness remain The same Truth in Jesus name Amen
a year ago
Such a great message thank you.
a year ago
I need to hold firm ontothe word of life, yo have the faith that wil help us to be strong in the faith.
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