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Don’t Flip Your Lid

Air Date: 12/16/20 - Anger: How close to the surface does this emotion reside in your life? Today Nat Crawford shares godly wisdom to help control your temper and build good relationships with the people around you. Don’t flip your lid -- a little understanding goes a long way!

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thank you pastor nat, I truly relate.
Thank you pastor Nat Lord help me to be quick to listen slow to anger
Amen 🙏!!
I should be Listening and then knowledge, Anger never be around.
Thank you pastor net for this massage
Thank you pastor it was what I needed to hear.
Amen! Thank you, words of wisdom and Godly instructions!
Thank you God for giving me partience when I get angry
My mother was a wise, godly lady. She distilled the anger issue down to eight words: “you lose your temper because you want to. “
Sometimes I re-enact in my mind old situations working with a boss from my earlier years in the electrical trade and get myself all stirred up. lol
Appreciate this message.
Great word. Thank you.
Thank you
Thank you Pastor Nat. I am highly encouraged. I do 'flip' I must remember stop rehearsing attack. I must share this with my older son. God help me.