Don’t Buy the Lie - Win the Day


Don’t Buy the Lie


Air Date: 8/24/21 - Have you ever been sold something you regretted buying later? We all have. Join Pastor Nat as he learns the secret to being content in Christ alone.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago
Love love love this one! Christ IS enough!
5 months ago
Christ is enough for me because He is the One who guides me, teaches me, helps me, strengthens me and delivers me in my affliction.
5 months ago
Christ is more than enough because he is everything in EVERYTHING!
5 months ago
Christ is enough for me and I thank him daily for the life he has chosen for me and my family. He is my rock ,shield and my salvation. and i love with all my hart.
5 months ago
I always believed in God, even as a very young child I knew there was a God. I was raised a Catholic. I received the sacraments, went to Sunday school, tried to do my best as a person. But Got was always distant. I never knew Him intimately. That's what I longed for even as a young person. I tried hard working for it, trying to please Him in different ways. Later in my young adult years I just fell away with the wrong crowd & bad life style. Many years later along with all emotional & physical baggage that goes along with it, I got saved! I heard the message of the glorious Gosple of Jesus Christ! The sin that burdened me was forgiven! I was set free! I will never forget the moment when I heard, believed, &, received the Good News of the Gosple, John 1:12. I will declare that when you know the truth, the truth will set you free! When you are saved, you know, that you know, that you know, through God the Holy Spirit. And as Pastor Nat said, "Christ is suffcient for everything." He is all I need. Without Him I can do nothing.
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