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Don’t Be Deceived


Air Date: 7/16/21 - Google, Instagram, Wikipedia, lots of voices, many opinions.  But which of them help and which hurt?  Jacob Wirka fills in for Pastor Nat in today’s timely look at weeding out false teaching and deception.  Don’t be deceived!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a month ago
a year ago
Thank you for the message.
a year ago
Amen, excellent message.
a year ago
Great message Jacob!! God bless you!
a year ago
Jacob Thank you for your Win The Day message. Yes you are correct through our Bibles Truth is told not man!
Far to often man has changed The Word of God through "their" interpretation not God's Word.

As Pastor Nat said yes there are many versions that teach the world of God. However not for me, when you change a word, add a word, remove a word it is a sin not the word of God but man. Far to often people, children, teens die because of false teachings and men/women telling them God said this. So you are not worthy which itself is a sin. Far to long man has militated God's Word to fit what they were taught not what they themselves learned through true studying of God's Word.

For me most important it God tells us we are to Love Him and People. To often even those who believe their teachings are correct in fact are not. Man has no right to put God in a box or say this is what God means when in fact it is how they preaseve it themselves. God is Love not hate never turning away anyone who calls upon The name of Jesus Christ.

Jacob it's a Blessing being as young as you are. I do hope "you" yourself learn to read, study and receive God's Word as "He" wants you to receive it; not as man does or has tried to teach you. I look forward to your Win The Day tomorrow if it should come. Always be a Blessing to another not any type of wolf. Blessing in Jesus name Amen
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