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Don’t Be a Hypocrite


Air Date: 11/29/21 - Is giving important to God? If so, does it matter who gets the credit? Join Pastor Nat as he wrestles with the topic of giving.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 days ago
4 days ago
Lord Jesus, You have shown me by example how to give. Just as You have given to me in secret, help me to understand that this is the way I must return the favour to those who are in need. Let me not give grudgingly but generously, when I offer my goods, and help me to do it away from the camera.
6 days ago ( updated 6 days ago )
Glory be to God. Truth...Yes, Yes Lord. Amen, by the grace and help of God through Christ.
6 days ago
Pastor Nat I know the couple you spoke of. I will say this if you knew them, their story. Hypocrites they are not, loosing a mother, growing up with lies, told you are above others and no one is good enough for you.

They left and yes interviewed with Oprah and then Netflix asked if they would tell their full story of what they have gone through and continue to. They both Love The Lord and give freely to many that only Jesus Christ knows of. This let us be careful when calling someone others hypocrites, for in doing so it makes you a hypocrite. Why because you went off what you seen not what is known of them. With Love in Christ Jesus just speaking truth.
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5 days ago
Thanks for the comments, Joey. We ultimately don't know the hearts of others. We can simply observe what they say and do. This is what I reported. I hope all is well.
6 days ago
From a child my Dad always taught me to give but before giving Pray. Ask Jesus how He wants to use you and where you need to give. For Jesus will show you if Your Heart Trust in Jesus. I have done just that but I do remember a time when I gave for the right reasons but it was for me not Jesus.
Got back to the house had this horrible feeling I knew right away what it was.
I/We are to give from our hearts for The Love of Jesus leading with His Love, doing it for The Love of Jesus. That night it was clear God was telling me child remember who you are for you are not your own but you are Mine! I prayed let go asking knowing true forgiveness was given.

Now I give again as my Dad taught me after praying asking Jesus to show me. Giving not asking for notice because I know Who knows The only one who matter! Thank You Lord this heart you gave me is still beating living for You. I Love You Father in Jesus name Amen
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