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Don’t Be a Doormat


Air Date: 8/6/22 - DON’T be a doormat, but DO be someone who defers to others out of your love for Christ.  Today Nat Crawford talks about trusting God, trusting each other, and trusting the outcome God desires as we submit to Him and the people around us.  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

Today's message is part of our "Looking Back - Moving Forward" series that runs through the end of August. This is a collection of our best episodes from the past year and a half so days and dates mentioned in the program may not be current. We are looking forward to sharing another brand new series on September 5!

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10 days ago
Thank you Pastor Nat.
I trust God's plan for my life, but I cannot submit to my husband who thinks he's perfect and everyone around him is wrong. I've prayed for a long time for things to change, doesn't seem they will, only getting worse.
God bless you all .
1 reply
9 days ago
I will pray for you and your husband!
10 days ago
Hey Pastor Nat, it's quite interesting! I think this is a verse that puts us in check and challenges us against our pride. I do agree that submitting to one another creates harmony and makes self to get out of the way.
But Pastor Nat how do you now relate submitting with setting outside your rights?;For in a society where there is also a lot of issues of women's rights for which some christian women are using to defend themselves in abusive relationship. What would you advise? Thank you.
10 days ago
11 days ago
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. It is so much easier to submit when Christ is the centre in your life, reverence for Christ. Submitting will come natural. I am a widow but submitting was not an issue we were just a great team. 🙏
11 days ago
If you’re a woman pray your husband becomes the spiritual leader of your home. It is easy to submit to one who submits to God.
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