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Don’t Be a Doormat

Air Date: 2/19/21 - DON’T be a doormat, but DO be someone who defers to others out of your love for Christ.  Today Nat Crawford talks about trusting God, trusting each other, and trusting the outcome God desires as we submit to Him and the people around us.  



Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Thank you pester nat
4 months ago
Singles should pray for the marries couples to lift them up to God.
4 months ago
Great message!
4 months ago
Thank you good message.
4 months ago ( updated 4 months ago )
Paul's verse is clear it is about submission. We should do so First to God then in all things we do. Marriage, partners, jobs, Children, everything. We we listen study we hear God's word clearly. One word I do not care for is a job or anything is superior. No one is superior to anyone but God. Thus in the above with open hearts trusting in God we summit to his word in every part of this beautiful like. When we summit to God it allows us to summit in all things.
No it is not easy but we can not just read our Bibles we must study seek the message that is clearly there. As well turn to each other for better understanding just as Pastor Nat stated. We are all one when we realize that we will realize how Faithful God really is. I Love You Lord and to summit to you I did I Praise You and thank You Lord for The Holly Spirit of you working in us always even when we don't pay attention. Yes Lord I'm sorry we all falter it is in that faltering we become stronger in You. I Praise You for substaining us in every thing Lord. Father Thank You for Your Mercy's New each morning in Jesus name Amen.
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