Is Poverty a Virtue? - Win the Day


Does Poverty Impress God?

Air Date: 9/4/21 - Should you live a life of poverty? Is it glorifying God to live frugally? Join Pastor Nat as he discovers the surprising answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a month ago
10 months ago
Poverty does not impress god why does it impress God ? Hate of poverty does not impress Him!. People may say only when you hate poverty you may get rich . In the same way God has asked us to hate sin so why does this bother some? Are we not supposed to do that
10 months ago
No secret sauce
10 months ago
Thank you. Lord. Amen.
10 months ago
When we do anything we should always do it for God. All things for His Glory, we are to live as Jesus lived not as man or the world lives. We are to be ready to lay down our lives for our friends as Jesus did. When we look into a mirror we see ourselves staring back, but God See's our hearts. We can not hide anything from Our Father!

Pastor Nat has used the word "legalism" in his daily devotional and Win the Day every day this week. As fact several different times in each. Our main goal is to live by God's Commandments and His Word, not that of man or this world. We often do things to we call bettering our lives. Work more make more but that is not what God tells us to do. We are prosperous when we do all things for God through Jesus Christ, doing as Jesus did. As He remains to do within us through His Holly Spirit.

Remember to live not just be alive, daily I asked The Lord to remind my heart of His Mercy and Grace made New. We will never know what God looks like till the day He calls us Home, but we can begin to look more like Him in all things we do. Why yes we are to do them for The Glory of God. I Pray everyone has a Blessed Weekend leading into the holiday and remembers to pray for those of us who have served first Jesus Christ then this beautiful country He Gave us.

Father there is so much going on in this world today, so many are feeling down, alone or that they do not matter. Father Thank You Great is Your Faithfulness, Please Father I Pray You uplift everyone here as well our brothers and sisters worldwide. To remind them Lord we are never without You, Please Father Bless those who have lost their Loved one's who fight for The Freedom to Praise and Glorify You Might Name. Please Lord Bless us to remember we are not to be perfect in anyway but to aspire to be more like You. Father, I Pray You remind all of us through every trial storm Your Word/Love story to is there to remind us You are with us always. Please Father heal every land of ever nation You created and Please remind our country to always Say In God We Trust, God Bless The United States of America and all our brothers and sisters worldwide in Your Gracious Most Powerful Name Lord Jesus I Pray Amen
1 reply
10 months ago
Thank you Pastor Nat. You are a blessing
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